Unique Party Idea kids will love: Personalised Jam Jar Party Glasses

Unique Party Idea Kids will Love: Personalised Jam Jar party Glasses

Unique Party Idea Kids will Love: Personalised Jam Jar party Glasses

I love a unique party ideas that kids (and parents) will find cool but that costs virtually nothing.  These personalised jam jar party glasses tick all the boxes.

Jam Jars

I absolutely love doing things for my kids parties and gatherings (while they will still let me).  Over the years, many a jam jar has been transformed and pimped into a personalised drinking vessel.

The kids really love having something with their name written on, as even the older ones like to feel special.  I love them because it saves on masses of washing up – the kids can put the cup down, and rather than losing track and them just reaching for a clean one, they know whose is whose.  I love using up and recycling old jam jars…(though actually I’m often trawling neighbours stealing their recycled jars!), and I love being able to colour coordinate the jars.

The latest iteration of this unique party idea is even simpler than previous versions, including neon jars for my sons graduation party, and gold jars for New Years eve.

The jars here were for Abbis party a few weeks ago.  I chose an abstract pattern for the plates and napkins.  (These were from Asda, and were super cheap). By coincidence Sainsburys had a bargain pack of craft papers in a similar theme, that I made some bunting from (more of that in due course).  So with colour scheme set, I decorated the jars with an abstract pattern of spots.


First collect up your jars, removing all the labels, and cleaning thoroughly.  The glue used on some of these jar manufacturers is so strong, it could glue on the sides of a space shuttle and still survive re-entry!.  I have no idea why they have to be glued on quite so tightly, but I usually soak in nearly boiling hot water for 10-15 minutes.  The paper dissolves off, and the glue is melted enough that a bit of fairy liquid and a scrubber, I’m able to get all the glue residue off.

puffy paint crafts

Jars cleaned, its on to the fun part:

First I write the girls name on the jar. If you don’t want to write script, do block capitals instead.  If needed, place a bit of masking tape along as guide to stay in a straight line, or place a piece of paper inside, and trace that.  I tend to just go freehand now,  Some look better than others, but I’m going for a home made look anyway (which is lucky!).

personalised jam jarsPuffy paint decorations

Once the names have been done, you can either wait an hour for them to dry…or if you are impatient like me, wade right in, and start dotting.

unique party ideasUnique party ideaI used 3-4 different colours, to coordinate with the party plates etc.personalised unique party glassesDo a random pattern in one colour.  I liked this slightly spike effect, so went for quite big blobs.  Once I had completed in one colour, I filled in with the other colours to get a random effect.  Decorating all 16 glasses took no more than 15 minutes.diy unique party ideaThey coordinate beautifully with the other things I had, including the bunting. (..which will be on the blog next week)creative unique party ideaThe calm before the storm……Creative party ideaThen 12 year old-agedon!party ideasA quick rinse, and the girls took these home to either use as drinking glasses or pen holders at home.  (Filled with an equally popular bag of sweets!).Unique party gift ideas


Aaaaaannd relax.

Amazing party, but exhausting  I’m ready for stiff drink.  Maybe I should have made a large wine sized glass for myself !

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