Personalised alphabet pavlova

Personalised Alphabet Pavlova

Personalised Alphabet Pavlova Letters

Pavlova Monogram Dessert

What could make your guests feel more special than a personalised alphabet pavlova with their own initial?

Pimp up this easy summer dessert by spooning (or piping) the meringue into alphabet letter shapes before baking and serving.meringue lettersFirst make the meringue mixture using my foolproof ultimate chewy meringue recipe.

This volume of mix made me 8 letters of approximately 10cm high.

You will also need 300ml of double cream, a few drops of food colouring (optional) and strawberries.

Once you mix is made, mark the letters out as a guide on a sheet of greaceproof paper.How to make meringue lettersSpoon the mix into the rough shape.  You could pipe this, but I prefer a more rustic look (read my piping skill are also awful).
Pavlova Letters How to make pavlova letters Bake slowly in a low oven if you want whiter meringues.

Allow to cool, and peel the personalised alphabet pavlova letter gently away from the paper.  I cut the paper up to make it easier to peel without crumbling.  Don’t worry too much if you do have a break, you can cover up with your fruit and cream.

Monogram food ideasThis was actually made for an instagram challenge I take part in daily.  

Why not check out my instagram if you want more details, or fancy joining in.Food as letters For the 8 letters here, I used around 300ml of double cream.

Whip till quite stiff to make sure it doesn’t drip off the alphabet letters. But not too much….I slightly over whipped mine here.  shhh.  you want the cream still to have a bit of movement.  Personalised pavlova letters Chop some to make a strawberry pavlova As an optional,you can add a few drops of pink colouring to the cream –  I wanted a contrast in colour between the meringue and the cream. You could also mix in the fruit.pavlova letters I wanted a marbled effect, so I just folded the colour in roughly.meringue letters Then smear (or pipe) them on top of the letters.How to make meringue letters And decorate with fruit as required.  In hind site, I think raspberries blueberries and blackberries would look nicer than the sliced strawberries.  Next time. Eton mess If you had a particularly greedy friend (with a short name), you could make their whole name!

Or spell out a greeting: Happy Birthday, Easter, Congratulations etc. Pavlova lettersThese Alphabet pavlova letters are such an easy way to perk up this classic pud.

Guaranteed to be a talking point at your next lunch or dinner.fancy dinner party ideas

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