Homemade Jazzies

Pimp up your Chocolate Cake with Homemade Chocolate Jazzies

Homemade Chocolate Jazzies

These homemade chocolate jazzies elevate a plain chocolate cake (if there is such a thing) into the big league.  They are very quick and easy to make – and create a bit of a wow impact for virtually no effort.  (Especially for bakers like me who can’t ice).

If you use decent chocolate these are so much nicer than the ones available in sweetshops.

They are also a great way to use up leftover melted chocolate, when you’ve had to make more than you need for a recipe.  (…as an alternative to simply spooning directly into your mouth obviously).

Homemade Chocolate Jazzies

I’m not giving any quantities, as it will depend upon the size of your drops – A square of dairy milk made approximately two drops for me, and I needed about half a teaspoon of sprinkles per square of chocolate.

Melt your chocolate and place in dots on a baking sheet covered with baking paper.  Mine are approximately 12 -15mm wide.  No need for perfection in the roundness.  You want your guests to know these are home made!chocolate cake decorationsWhile the chocolate is still nice and glossy – before they get a chance to fully set, sprinkle some hundreds and thousands (or sprinkle of your choice) over the chocolate button.chocolate jazziesPut the newly created chocolate jazzies in the fridge for a couple of hours until they set.

While the chocolate jazzies were in the fridge I tried making rustic letters to go on top of the cake…but the chocolate wasn’t thick enough, so they just stuck to the paper.  I’ll give this another try next time I have melted chocolate, and report back!IMG_5298Place an armed guard around the fridge to stop children stealing all the chocolate jazzies.

Make (or buy) a chocolate cake.  I used a plain chocolate sponge with buttercream centre and chocolate fudge icing on top.  But any chocolatey cupcake, loaf or sponge cake will benefit from the jazzies treatment!Chocolate CakeChocolate Fudge Cake Place the chocolate jazzies liberally over the icing.  You can ice and stick to the sides, but we didn’t have enough for that because of my failed attempts at letters, and possibly some fridge raiding.
easy cake decorating ideas If you look closely you can see the failed letters also covered in sprinkles.  Rest assured that this chocolate did not go to waste.how do i make chocolate jazzies Doesn’t it look pretty.How to make chocolate jazziesI made this for some friends who came to stay last week.  I wanted them to feel welcome when they arrived, so this cake was a great first sight when they came through the door.  At minimal effort for me. Yay.Chocolate Jazzies Homemade Jazzie cake decorationsHow to make chocolate jazzies

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