Awesome photo bunting DIY

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Awesome Photo Bunting DIY


This photo bunting was for my daughters graduation party.  Its actually from last year, but I am only now getting round to posting about it.

I’ve made photo bunting lots of time before – but in this venue, although some of the bunting is against the wall, in some sections, both sides of the bunting will be on view.

I don’t want to “waste” photos by putting photos on both sides, as many of the pictures won’t be on view, so I double sided them, using wallpaper samples and gift wrapping paper in contrasting bright colours.

photo bunting (These are all from the Habitat range at home base)!
Wallpaper decorationsThe biggest issue I always have with photo bunting is choosing which photos to print off.  As this is for a school function, for these I had to make sure that all the kids were fairly reflected.  Unfortunately it seems like some kids hide from the camera, so easier said than done, but everyone is in there at least a couple of times!

Split the photos to randomise landscape / portrait and black and white / colour.Photo decorating idea Cut the wallpaper into similar sized oblongs.  This takes a few minutes with a paper trimmer.Wallpaper decorating idea Attach the backing with double sided tape along one edge…..Wallpaper craftsPunch some holes….Photo buntingThread on the strings.  This is the back.Wallpaper bunting This is the front.Photo bunting DIYAnd hang up.

So many great memories on a string.Photo BuntingAnd here they are in the marquee.Photo party decorations Inside….DIY party decorations And outside…Party decor ideas
In the end I made around 40m of this stuff at a total cost of only £10-12.Party DecorCatastrophy!   I managed to break my little star cutter.  It doesn’t seem to be cut out for action on this industrial scale.  I had to revert to the far less photogenic but more fit for purpose circle cutters.  Confetti anyone?
Party decorations

DianaAwesome photo bunting DIY