Cake Bunting Free Printable Download

Cake Bunting Free Printable Download

My son turned 14 last week.

And although obviously as a true 14 year old he would rather have a long lie in bed – family tradition dictates that we must have a special breakfast on morning of his birthday.

Unfortunately Mr PaintSewGlueChew was traveling with work that week, so more important than usual to make it a bit special.

Obviously in our house, that will mean bunting.   This year I also made some cake bunting to go on the breakfast waffles.

printable cake bunting

Cake bunting DIY14 year old boys (in our house anyway) are not known for their enthusiasm for such things.  I did get some indulgent smiles from the birthday boy… but joy of joys.  I  overheard him telling Mr PaintSewGlueChew on the phone that they were really cool.  I’ll take that!Cake bunting printable The cake bunting I made for Jamie was cute, but the text wasn’t really big enough.  I’ve redone the cake bunting as a free printable download.  Just add bbq skewers, thread and sticky tape.

I’ve created two pages of bunting phrases in a variety of fonts.  There are 8 different phrases to choose from.

The printables are black, and looks great as a black and white on just standard printer paper.  Or coloured paper is a bit more festive, to brighten things up without using tonnes of printer ink.  You can download them Cake Bunting 1 &  Cake Bunting 2

Cake bunting free download

To make the bunting:

First print out the download sheet of your choice onto A4 sized paper.


Cut out the diamond shapes. a few snips separate out the letters.IMG_5614 Then trim off the excess.IMG_5616 Fold overIMG_5617And add double sided tape.  I put the tape over the crease, so the bunting doesn’t slide on the thread.
IMG_5619Then press and fold over the thread.
IMG_5621Leave enough slack on the thread to tie round a couple of skewers.  Loner words will require loner skewers.
IMG_5625Abbi and I made the complete set last night in about 20 minutes.  I wanted something that could easily fit on a small cake or cupcakes.
Cake buntingAnd they are perfect to jazz up some simple pancakes.Cake bunting ideasThey even work to jazz up a pot plant.Mini buntingAnd here is the complete set:

Cake bunting DIY

Cake Bunting

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