Beetroot feta and mint canapes

Beetroot Feta and Mint Canapes

Beetroot Feta and Mint Canapes

Beetroot Feta and Mint Canapes

The key to a good canapé, (in my opinion) is mouth sized bites of simple ingredients that just gel together.  Beetroot Feta and Mint are just such a combination.  Proof that nibbles do not have to be complicated to look impressive.

This canape idea simply combines beetroot feta and mint on a cocktail stick.  It only takes around 5 minutes to assemble 16 of these, but they do look fancy if you want to impress your guests.


  • Pickled Mini Beetroots – (they really do need to be mini)
  • 1 Block of feta cheese.  (I have used halumi before as well, but prefer the saltiness and texture of the feta in this nibble)
  • large buch of fresh mint leaves

You will also need cocktail sticks.

beetroot feta and mint nibblesChop the feta into little cubes around 1-1.5cm square.feta cubes

Take your cocktail skewer and place it in one of the beetroot.  Wiggle about a bit to make a slightly larger hole.IMG_5019Place a sprig of the mint into the hole.
IMG_5021Then skewer the beetroot and mint onto the cheese.IMG_5014 These are my cocktail sticks.  Fancy huh?IMG_5018I like to space out the nibbles, and not crowd the plate.  You can top up the plate as needed.
beetroot feta and mint canapéAnd serve.  Try to avoid getting the beetroot juice on the sides of the cheese (like I did).
fancy canape ideas And there they are, ready to serve.IMG_5045Fancy nibbles

Because of the tendency of the beetroot to stain your fingers, these are best not made 2 minutes before guests arrive (or while wearing copious amounts of white clothing).  You could wear plastic gloves – or luckily they can be made a few hours in advance, and will sit happily in the fridge.

Beetroot Feta and Mint Canapes

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  1. Oh hello, they look divine. I’m not a huge fan of mint but I think I might like it in this combination, will give it a try. And your last photo is superb xx

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      Thanks Andrea. How kind of you to say. you could always substitute the mint for basil – would still be pretty tasty. Have a lovely Friday. xx

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