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Funny Names Paint Chip Art free download

Funny Names Paint Chip Art Download

Paint chip art

We had loads of fun here at PaintSewGlueChew Towers coming up with gruesome names for this Paint Chip Art Poster.

Followers on instagram will know I do a daily challenge.  Last month, one of the prompts was “vibrant”.  The paint chip display at our local DIY shop caught my eye, but as I’m no stranger to a Paint Chip Art Project, I wanted more than just a picture of the display.    Have a look through the archives if you fancy seeing some of these previous projects (enter “Paint Chip” in the search button on the right to find them).

B&Q have now started stocking an American brand of paint  – the range of colours is astonishing.  With a lot of difficulty, I chose my favourite dozen or so colours that would fit with the “vibrant” prompts.  All gorgeous colours, but they have the cheesiest names.  So we have some fun renaming them.

I posted this on instagram, but realised on the tiny phone screen, the names on the paint chips were too tiny to see easily on a phone screen!

Paint Chip Poster

1) Midlife Crisis Sports Car; 2) Kermit in a Blender; 3) Flamingo Vomit; 4) Fallen Down the Stairs Blue; 5) Old Lady Eyeshadow; 6) David Dickinsons Winter Tan; 7) Mermaid Tears; 8) Cold Custard; 9) The Green you discover on a Slice of Bread just after you’ve finished the First Slice; 10) Left Over Prawn Sandwich; 11) Bags Under My Eyes Grey; 12) A Glass or Three of Pinot Noir

We loved these so much, I made one in to an art work for my sons bedroom.  Added a few extra colours to make it A 4 shaped, and a couple of modifications, and there we are:

These are the colours we chose.

Paintchip Poster1 Arranged neatly!Paintchip Poster2
And tidied up, and renamed!Paint chip art Poster3Paintchip Poster6

We’ve added a link so you can download your own copy.  If you use, it, please tweet me or instagram me a picture with it in situ.  I’d love to see it.

Click Here to Download Paint Chip Art

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If you wish to share, please credit, and link back to this site. I appreciate your understanding. No warranty given.  Thank you for understanding.

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  1. Mermaid tears! fallen down the stairs blue! seriously these are fantastic. My daughters bedroom is the same colour as flamingo vomit, but I may not tell her that!

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  2. Hi Diana, I’m shannon from Love this paint chip idea, so fun. I was nominated for a 3 day quote challenge, where you post a quote or favorite saying for 3 days. Then you nominate another blog, (posting a link) to participate. I love your style and wanted to tell my friends and followers about you so I’ve nominated you. If you choose to join the fun you can find the “rules” on my blog. Please don’t feel pressured to participate, but I still want to tell people about you! Thanks, shan

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      Shan – thank you so much for nominating me. I really appreciate your words too. I’ve just checked out your blog, its such a cute idea. My blog posts are scheduled for the next couple of months, so not sure I can participate I’m afraid. I do love quotes though, so I may jump in at the end of the summer if i can find the time. I’ll be sure to tag you if I do. Have a great weekend. Diana xx

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