Halloween Candy Bags in various designs

Halloween Candy Bags: DIY Painted Trick or Treat bags

Halloween Candy Bags

These cute halloween candy bags are really easy to make with cheap white paper bags, black paint and alphabet stamps.

Just add sweets.

Hand painted halloween candy Bags with spiders chocts bats and Boo


  • White Bags
  • Black Paint
  • Black thin sharpie
  • Rubber stamps & Black ink
  • Puffy paint – for eyes

The white bags are available for a few pence each on Amazon.   We wanted a monochrome theme, so I only needed to use black paint / ink.

I find the blackboard paint is fantastic for crafts.  Its got an easy flow, and only needs one coat to get a good coverage. But black acrylic or poster paint is fine if thats what you have.

If we had only been making a few, we would have gone for google eyes instead of the puffy paint, but we are aiming for 100+, so need it to be quick and cheap.

White bags with art supplies ready to decorate

Halloween Candy Bag: Spider
Homemade Trick or treat candy Bags with painted spider and eek

Our first design is the spider.  Paint a circle for the body. Obviously it doesn’t need to be perfect, any blob like shape is fine.  If you are doing this with very young kids, you could use the end of a wine cork to stamp a round body.
halloween candy BagsUse a pen for legs and spider web.
halloween candy Bags And puffy paint to add eyes.halloween candy Bags with handpainted spider Abbi got a little production line going with our crafting.girl crafting halloween candy Bags

Halloween Candy Bag: Bathalloween candy Bags with hand painted bat

Again start with a circle of black.  Then add the wings by adding a curved line on each side.halloween candy BagsDraw under with irregular humps to join up.  It looks a little like a scruffy umbrella.  If you aren’t confident, draw in pencil first, then colour in.  Any approximate ball with the black wings is going to look bat like enough.
halloween candy Bags Colour in the wings.halloween candy Bags Add puffy paint eyes.  this just happens to be glow in the dark puffy paint!halloween candy Bags

Halloween Candy Bag: Ghosthalloween candy Bags with ghost eyes and boo

The ghost is simply two oval shapes anywhere on the paper.  We added a boo with stamps.

halloween candy Bags And finally, Abbi made a few freehand designs.halloween candy BagsAll finished and ready to fill with sweets next month.
handmade halloween candy Bags in assorted designs

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