halloween canapes with frankenstein faces

Frankenstein Canapes

Frankenstein Canapes

More cute than scary, these frankenstein canapes can be made in a few minutes for your halloween bash with only 4 ingredients.
Frankenstein Canapes with hhalloween decorations on a table


  • Square crackers (ideally charcoal crackers)
  • Guacamole
  • Seaweed
  • Black Olives

Charcoal cracker guacamole olives abd seaweed for Frankenstein Canapes The crackers I bought are from Peters Yard.  I love all the crisp breads they make.  I don’t usually choose these black ones, but they were just too perfect for frankenstein canapé heads. If you can’t get them, any square cracker or even toast cut into squares would do.Peters Yard charcoal crackers on a wooden table


Spread guacamole over each of the crackers.  Mine is supermarket brand, but feel free to make your own if you aren’t as lazy as me.
Frankenstein Canapes To make the hair, I used these seaweed thins.

In the interests of full disclosure, I bought them last year because they claimed 23 calories per packet.  The packaging boasts 23 calories per packet….. because there is nothing to them!!   They don’t have much flavour and they certainly don’t come even close to filling you up.  Maybe 23 packets would.

So as a snack they are abysmal, but luckily as a halloween food styling prop they are fairly versatile.  I used scissors to style them up.  Cut a small rectangle as wide as the cracker, and about 1/3 as deep, cutting random V shapes on one site to approximate a bad haircut. seaweed cut into shapes on a table for Frankenstein Canapes Obviously 1 hair piece per frankenstein canape.Frankenstein Canapes being madeSlivers of olive can be added for the eyes, and a strip of seaweed for the mouth.Frankenstein nibbles on a table

Happy Halloween.Frankenstein Canapes with a homemade BOO banner Frankenstein Canapes on a table with words and blog details

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