Halloween Canapes; Pumpkin shaped cheese and crackers

Halloween Canapes; Pumpkin shaped cheese and crackers

Halloween Canapes; Pumpkin shaped cheese and crackers

Last week the Uk was shocked with the news that following a pricing dispute with its suppliers, Tesco announced that it would no longer be selling Marmite.  Cue mass hysteria.  This did make me reach for my 10 year supply jar of marmite. Halloween just round the corner, these halloween canapes are the perfect love child of mature cheese and marmite.

Pumpkin shaped cheese and crackers on a table with trick or treat banner


  • Red Leicester  (or mature cheddar)
  • Round Crackers
  • Marmite

To make your life as easy as possible, buy ready sliced cheese.  Use your favourite. I chose red leicester mainly for its very orange colour.  This jar of marmite was given to me by a friend a couple of centuries ago, and its still going strong.

 cheese crackers and marmite for halloween canapesPeters Yard are my current favourite cracker. They do loads of different flavours – all equally delicious.Peters Yard crackers on a table


Select a round cutter as close in size as possible to your cracker size. Cut out the cheese.cracker and cheese cut into circle on a table Take a sharp knife and cut little pumpkin like shapes in the cheese.  Of course nibble the off cuts.cheese cut into a pumpkin shape with a knife, on a table Spread a thin layer of marmite on the crackers.crackers and marmite on a table And plonk the cheese over the marmite.Halloween Canapes; Pumpkin shaped cheese and crackersAn easy little 5 minute snack.  Hopefully these halloween canapes will get you in the halloween mood.  If you don’t like marmite, a dark chutney or finely chopped branston pickle would work just as well.
Halloween Canapes; Pumpkin shaped cheese and crackersHappy Halloween!

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