Halloween Garland – 3 Easy Ideas

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Halloween Garland - 3 Easy Ideas

Halloween Garland – 3 Easy Ideas

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of halloween here in PaintSewGlueChew Towers.  And give us any excuse to get a bit of craft on, we will be there.  These 3 easy halloween garland crafts, take no time at all for some quick party decor, so they are right up our (Nightmare on Elm) street.  Sorry.
Halloween Garland - 3 Easy Ideas

Materials needed:

  • Black card stock
  • String (ideally black)
  • White and orange paper
  • Double sided tape (or pva glue)
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch


For all three banners, start by making the garland .  Cut the black cardstock in to strips, and these strips into rectangles the size you need. Repeat until you have as many sections as you need for your word or phrase.  You can leave them as rectangles, or cut in to play shapes, or tenant shapes, whichever you prefer.

Punch a hole in each of the top two corners, and thread your string through the holes.Halloween Garland - 3 Easy Ideas

Boo Halloween Garland

For the “Boo” – cut out some marshmallowy type letters from standard printer paper, and give them all some eyes.  you could make the o’s more ghostly if you prefer.

Halloween Garland - 3 Easy Ideas

Halloween Garland - 3 Easy Ideas

Eeeek Halloween Garland

For the “Eeeeek” – cut amy style of letter from white printer paper.  To draw the spider web design, start with lines spanning our from a centralism point.  Then do a curvy line from one sire to the other, until all filled up.Halloween Garland - 3 Easy Ideas

Halloween Garland - 3 Easy Ideas

Trick or Treat Halloween Garland

And for the trick or treat – just cut out the words in orange paper, and add a couple of pumpkins.  You could add pumpkin faces on each of the letters, or turn the “o” into a pumpkin too.Halloween Garland - 3 Easy IdeasHalloween Garland - 3 Easy Ideas

DianaHalloween Garland – 3 Easy Ideas