Frozen Advent Calendar – DIY Print And Fill


Frozen Advent Calendar - DIY Print And Fill

Frozen Advent Calendar – DIY Print And Fill

Thankfully my children have outgrown the Frozen stage, so I don’t have to endure 6 hour long renditions of “Let it Be”.  Unfortunately I still have friends with Elsa loving children, who belt it out at every opportunity.  This Frozen Advent Calendar was made last year as a treat for one of them.

Times have changed from when I was a child.  Back then, an advent calendar meant a cardboard sheet with 24 little cardboard windows to opening up to display…a picture.  Excitement meant opening that cardboard flap to find a picture of a robin, or the pinnacle of excitement the donkey!  There wasn’t a chocolate button in sight!

At some point over the last 20-30ish years something changed.  Maybe not all, but my children aren’t happy unless the advent calendar contains delicious goodies.  And then not content with that! Around 5 years ago I created a monster!  I made the kids their own advent calendar using 24 different sweets.  I have never been able to turn the clock back.  I’ve tried out quite a few different designs over the last 5 years.  This Frozen Advent Calendar is a modification of my superhero advent calendar

If you use the template, these only takes around 45 minutes to make. This was so popular last year, I actually made 5 or 6 to give away.  I have an illness!



  • Printer paper
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Sweets to fill your pouches
  • Computer & Colour Printer


Download the printable Frozen Advent Calendar template  [[Frozen Advent Calendar Template]], and print in colour on to A4 sized paper. Standard quality printer paper is fine for this.  If using a different sized paper, keep the aspect ratio the same to ensure the words don’t distort. Trim each pouch along the light blue lines.3-frozen-advent-calendar Each pouch is square, and has on the front: the day of the month along with a little christmassy quote, saying or song lyric.  On the back of each is a different picture of a character or scene from the movie.4-frozen-advent-calendar Once all the pouches are trimmed, fold in half.6-frozen-advent-calendar Place double sided tape around three sides of one half.7-frozen-advent-calendar Peel the tape cover off 2 of the sides, leaving one in place to make a pouch with an opening. 8-frozen-advent-calendar

Fill with your favourite goodies.

My pouches have an outside area of 12cm squared.  The interior area, when the tape is in place and the pouches are formed are 10cm squared.  Depending on your printer settings, margins etc you should get the same, but make sure your goodies fit before printing out all the pages.9-frozen-advent-calendar Here is what this lucky recipient has coming their way.  Ideally fill with wrapped sweets, as the any oil from chocolate or candies will discolour the paper.  When I use unwrapped packets of sweets like jelly babies, I wrap them in cling film before popping them in.  Substitute sweets for stationery or little toys if you don’t want every day to be candy extravaganza.10-frozen-advent-calendar And here.  A countdown to Christmas.  Controversial, but we tend to give a pouch for the 25th too.12-frozen-advent-calendar 13-frozen-advent-calendar 14-frozen-advent-calendar

DOWNLOAD the Frozen Advent Calendar Here:  frozen-advent-calendar-from-paintsewgluechew-com  

DianaFrozen Advent Calendar – DIY Print And Fill