Photo Christmas Ornaments DIY

Photo Christmas Ornaments DIY

Photo Christmas Ornaments DIY

This photo Christmas ornaments DIY is a great 5-10 minute craft for decorating a minimal tree, or where you haven’t got much storage space.Photo Christmas Ornaments DIY


  • Digital Photos
  • Mini bulldog clips
  • Silver embroidery thread
  • photo editing software (or powerpoint)


Choose your favourite pictures and transfer them to your favourite photo editing software on one sheet.  Reduce them in size, cropping where necessary.  Transforming them in to black and white works really well, but isn’t essential.  Aim for 18-20 small pictures per A4.  Ideally choose picture with a wintery or christmas theme.  This craft took my daughter around 10 minutes to make and hang on the tree. Photo Christmas Ornaments DIYThen simply cut them out, and cut an equal number of pieces of embroidery thread around 8cm long.Photo Christmas Ornaments DIYUse the bulldog clips to attach to the photo.  If you aren’t a fan of these, punch a hole, and string your thread through, or glue to attach.Photo Christmas Ornaments DIYPimp them up by adding a backing paper:  Cut out double sided coloured or patterned paper between 5-10mm larger than each photo, before glueing or taping the photo on.  Personally I prefer these simple and plain.

These look cute on our little birch tree.  Photo Christmas Ornaments DIYAdd cute little pops of colour like these painted wooden hearts.  Use whatever colour or colours match your scheme.Photo Christmas Ornaments DIYI love the little reminders of christmases past, and previous ski holidays whenever I pass it. Photo Christmas Ornaments DIYThe photo christmas ornaments also look great with classic silver baubles on a more traditional tree.Photo Christmas Ornaments DIY

This is my favourite.  My son from 12 years ago.Photo Christmas Ornaments DIYAnd easy to pack away with minimal storage at the end of the Christmas holidays.Photo Christmas Ornaments DIY

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