Easy DIY art work

Easy DIY Art Work from a Photo – Instructions

Easy DIY Art Work from a Photo

This easy DIY art work project is perfect for even the most artistically challenged.  Choose a photo, and using tracing paper, transfer to a canvas, before filling in the lines with blackboard paint.  So easy.

Easy DIY art work


  • Photograph
  • Scanner & Printer
  • Tracing paper
  • Blank Canvas
  • Paint & Brushes


First choose a cute picture – I found this little guy on the internet. Print out a copy of the picture as large as you can without losing resolution.  Choose a picture with one or two main subjects.  The subjects need to be strong identifiable shapes.Easy DIY art work Use tracing paper (or white baking parchment) to define the main outline shape of your subject.  Easy DIY art workDouble check the sketchy drawing looks how you want to.  I had to extend mine to add feet to the cow, as they had been cropped in the photo.Easy DIY art work Once happy with your outline, scan it into the computer, reverse it and blow it up to the size of your canvas.  I expanded mine 400%.  Print out the blown up images, and sellotape back together into one image.Easy DIY art work


Prep your canvas background.  I wanted a light background, but mixed in some old house paint to my acrylic white to create a bit of texture, but a bold colour background works really well too. Easy DIY art work Place the printed, taped image upside down over the canvas.  Secure it with some masking tape to keep in place. Provided you have used standard printing paper, the main lines should be visible.  Rub over them with a pencil. The ink from the printed lines will mark the canvas to give guidelines for you to draw over.  Go over these in pencil, making many adjustments to the drawing as needed.Easy DIY art work Use a thin paintbrush with blackboard paint to draw over the pencil lines.  Rub out any stray pencil lines before hanging on the wall.Easy DIY art work

Easy DIY art workHeres another little drawing I made of as a birthday card for my mum Easy DIY art work

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