Bunny Gift Wrap

Easter Bunny Gift Wrap

Easter Bunny Gift Wrap

How cute is this Easter Bunny gift wrap?

Even though my kids haven’t believed in the Easter bunny for years – they still love Easter Crafts (Particularly those that involve chocolate)!

These Easter Bunny Gift Wrapped Eggs make a great present for kids.  Or if you are looking for a cute craft to keep kids busy for an hour, replace the Easter Egg with a shoe box or cereal box.

Easter Bunny Gift Wrap

Materials (Per Bunny):

  • Easter Egg (or use a shoe box, if you do this as a kids craft)
  • Brown Paper
  • White paper cut into two circles and two ovals
  • Dark Brown (or aubergine -as its all we had)
  • Pink Paper
  • Sellotape & double sided tape
  • Sharpie
  • Optional Cotton ball for the tail


Choose your easter eggs.  (Or shoe box)

Wrap in craft or brown paper.

Cut out the “features”. Rough and ready is fine.

Start with the white cheeks, and tape them into place.

Add buck teeth.

Rosy cheeks next

Then eyes, and dots to represent whiskers on the cheeks.Easter Bunny Gift Wrap

Finally, add the ears.  Cut the dark brown into an approximate ear shape, and tape a smaller pink shape to it, before adding both to the back of the box.  As an optional extra, add a cotton wool ball to the back of the box as a fluffy tail. Easter Bunny Gift Wrap

Abbi got a little production line going for a few of our neighbours kids last year.Easter Bunny Gift Wrap

I like the way that the bunny ears are a bit of a jaunty angle.Easter Bunny Gift Wrap

And there you are: Easter Bunny Gift Wrapped Eggs – ready to be delivered by the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bunny Gift Wrap

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