Hand Made Gift Wrap

Hand Made Gift Wrap – Easy 5 minute Craft

Hand Made Gift Wrap – Easy 5 minute Craft

Hand Made Gift WrapThis gift wrap is so cheap and easy – it takes less time to make than it would be to jump in the car and run to the shop.  The added benefit is it can be done in any colour way, for only a few pence per sheet.  This haul of presents was for my eldest sons birthday last year.  Ill be honest – he’s 15.  Gift wrap is not really something he (or any 15 year old boy) cares about a whole lot, but I like to convince myself that he cares that I go to the effort.

I’ve chosen red and white – for Man U – his football team, and his main present is (once again) football tickets to a football game.


  • Large sheets of paper.  Flipchart pads are perfect for this.
  • Paint & brushes


I used a wide 1 inch wide sponge brush, and did wide stripes along the pages. Hand Made Gift WrapImperfect is good, to give a sketchy feel.  It took less than 5 minutes to paint 5-6 sheets of hand made gift wrap.
Football Hand Made Gift WrapThis would be an easy one to let little kids go mad with a paint brush. The sheets are ready to wrap as soon as they dry.Hand Made Gift Wrap It took longer to wrap the presents than it did to make the hand made gift wrap.Hand Made Gift Wrap To coordinate with the wrapping paper, I made a striped banner (instructions to follow shortly).

“Underwhelmed would be the adjective to describe my sons reaction!  (His sister showed far more enthusiasm), but I’m sure deep down he appreciates it.  And it made the morning feel festive and birthday like for our pre school breakfast. Hand Made Gift Wrap

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