Lime Place Settings

Lime Place Settings

Lime Place Settings

Regular visitors to PaintSewGlue Chew will know I love a name place setting.  These Lime place settings are a little bit quirky, but super easy.  My favourite combination.

They may seem a little bit ‘precious’ for relaxed dining, but I always use them. Guests can be directed to the table, and can faff as much as they want while you get on with last minute plating / garnishing and serving.  And people always seem to get a kick out of something made specially with their name on it.

Lime Place Setting


  • Paper (Thick tracing paper is ideal)
  • Pen or ink
  • Limes
  • Pins


Write, paint or print out each guests name on paper.   I used translucent tracing paper, so it doesn’t obscure the lime.  Use your fanciest script, or print out from the internet. For each place setting, take a pin and attach the name to the lime.  These pins have little pearls on the end, and were from my local sewing shop.Lime place settingCoordinate the flowers with the place setting.  This pink rose and lime green combo is one of my current favourites.
table settingI used a dark grey table cloth and napkins, which stops everything looking too girlie and wedding like. (white accessories would be better if thats the look you are going for). Table settingAll in all, the lime place settings took around 15 minutes to make – I probably gave more time to considering how I would seat my guests!
 I’m always on the look out for new place setting ideas – do you like this one?  Have you got any other creative ideas to share – I’d love to hear bout them if you do.

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