Coffee Martini

Classic Espresso Martini Recipe and a variety of twists

Classic Espresso Martini Recipe plus recipes with a twist

Ahhhh Espresso Martini!  Any drink that combines my two favourite ingredients –  Coffee and vodka is always going to be popular at PaintSew Glue Chew Towers.  We were knee deep in studying last week (my kids).  They were pored over the books, while I was full time testing them (and testing and testing), cajoling and supplying favourite meals and snacks.

Exhausting all round I’m sure you’ll agree.

So while the kids motivate themselves with haribo and pringles, I think its entirely justified that I get my motivation from a couple of these bad boys.

Espresso Martini

A Bit of Background

Apparently legend has it that the combination of coffee and vodka stems from the 1990s when a famous model asked a Notting Hill bar tender to make her a drink that would “wake her up and F*** her up”.

I’m just amazed it wasn’t discovered earlier, as this is a match made in heaven.

There are loads of espresso martini recipes on the internet.   This is mine:

Ingredients – For each serving, add:

  • Vodka (30ml)
  • Kalua (30ml) or other premium coffee liqueur (avoid any creamy versions)
  • Cold espresso (30ml)
  • Bitter chocolate shavings to garnish
  • Ice


Fill your shaker with ice.

By the way, How awesomely cool are my cocktail accessories?  These bad boys are from West Elm.

cool cocktail makersAdd the vodka, coffee liqueur and cold coffee.IMG_9089Shake it up as Ms Swift would say.IMG_9091Strain into a chilled martini glass.Coffee MartiniGarnish with chocolate shavings (or coffee beans).
IMG_9081Remove all children from the vicinity (unless they have impeccable cocktail making skills) and enjoy.
IMG_9107The froth from the top comes from the shaking action and the coffee, not from any extra milk or cream.  
espresso martini recipe
Espresso Martini

And here are a few ideas for options to ring the changes. Though classic coffee and vodka will always be my favourite.

  • Black Forest Gateau Martini: Classic mix with an extra shot of cherry liquor and a cherry garnish.
  • Hazelnut Coffee martini: Classic Mix with a splash of hazelnut syrup.
  • Orange and Coffee Martini: Classic mix with orange liquor and an orange twist garnish.
  • Vanilla coffee espresso: Add the seeds of a fresh vanilla pod. Garnish with a coffe bean.
  • Mint Coffee Martini: Classic mix with mint syrup and fresh mint leaf.

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