Ombre bath Salts

Ombre Bath Salts

Ombre Bath Salts

For Christmas last year, Abbi made a batch of ombre bath salts for her friends as part of their Christmas presents.  They are so easy to make, customised in any colour or any scent.

Ombre bath salts


  • Bath / epsom salts – enough to completely fill jam jar to the top.
  • Jam jar
  • Food colouring
  • Aromatic Oils (2-3 drops)
  • Scales


Measure out the volume of salt to your jam jars.  Before adding any colours, scent these uncoloured bath salts by adding a few drops of essential oil to the salts, and mixing thoroughly. We used sweet mandarin for ours, but any scent you like is fine.
How to make ombre bath salts

To get the ombre bath salts effect, you will need equal quantities of around 3-5 different colours depending upon the number of layers you are planning.

If you are planning more than 3 layers, the effect will be easier with a combination of two different food colours.

Add 1 drop of food colouring to all of the salts.  Remember its easier to go dark.  Not so easy to lighten.  diy ombre bath salts

Mix in thoroughly. Measure off a portion of this lighter colour, in proportion to the number of layers you are planning.  In our case one fifth.  Add another drop of food colour to the remaining four fifths until you see a sufficient difference in colour from the first.
diy bath salts ombreMeasure out one quarter of this darker mix, and continue the process, syphoning off a portion until you have 5 different colours.  Add the additional colour if necessary to get enough difference between the coloured layers.bath salts diyInspiration for these ombre bath salts came from a bit of home hair dying by Abbi.ombre hairWe’ve done this dip tye technique on Abbi’s hair many times before during the holidays. But Abbi went rogue this time, and left it on for well (well well well) past the recommended time.

Be warned! Usually this washes out before we go back to school.  3 weeks later after attempting every home dye removal remedy available on the internet……and with no sign of returning to normal colour we were forced to take a (VERY) expensive trip to the hairdressers.   I think Abbi will stick to dying fabric and bath salts from now on!blue hairBack to the bath salts!

Ideally a tall jam jar is best for ombre bath salts, so show off the layers.  I think this was an olive jar.

Start with the darkest bath salts, and pour in to the bottom of the jar.

how to make bath saltsContinue adding the remaining colours in layers. Fill right up to the top to avoid movement and the colours mixing.coloured bath saltsMake a nice label.  Abbi designed ours on the computer.  Cut and glue or double sided tape to the jar.bath salts ideasombre bath saltsDIY ombre bath salts

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