Easy large painted canvas art

Easy DIY Large Art Work

Easy DIY Large Art Work

Customise and make your own easy DIY large art work.  Combining my love of food and drinks puns with my love of art, this is a great inexpensive easy way to make a unique piece of art for just the cost of a blank canvas.

One tequila Two tequila three tequila floor

This took me around a day, including time to allow for for the paint to dry. When you get bored with it, just paint over, and make another one!


  • Large canvas
  • Paint & brushes
  • Computer, Printer and some form of editing software
  • Masking tape


First identify the size and relative dimensions of your canvas. Then paint it fully in your back ground colour.  I used white, as I wanted a clean minimal look.

It is an option to leave the canvas unpainted which will save time and money, but I wanted a crisper white with a slight sheen rather than the off white mat fabric of the canvas.

How to make a large canvas art

Using a suitable program like photoshop, word or powerpoint on the computer (I used pixelmator a kind of photoshop light program) to mock up your artwork. decorative script fonts work best for something like this, as the flaws in the text look more intentional.

Use the dimensions of your physical canvas scaled down to A4 or A3 (dedending upon your printer size) to get the correct dimensions of your digital mockup.

I missed a step here by not reversing my image, which made more work in creating the transfer. So go ahead and flip the image so its reversed.

With the reversed image, enlarge the quote to full size, and cut and paste the full image into “pieces”.  Allow a small amount of overlap/ duplication, which will make re assembly much easier.

Once all the images have been sliced and cut, print them out and tape together into one large picture.

This is not particularly pretty…it it gives enough information to easily transfer the full quote to the canvas.

As I said before, I missed out the critical step of reversing the image.

If the image is reversed, you can use the ink from the printer to transfer to the canvas.  Because I missed out this step, I had to go over the words in pencil to create the transfer.

It was not as time consuming as it looks. But annoying as I could have avoided it.Giant art DIY ideasTape this large transfer on to your canvas to make sure it doesn’t move.

Then using a blunt object (like the back of a spoon), rub the outline of the words to leave an imprint on your fresh canvas.

Then using a thin paint brush and black paint, fill in the words on the canvas. Sorry – I forgot to take any photos of this stage.

I will photograph a demonstration and upload as soon as possible.

Easy large art diyThis now hangs in our dining room as a little reminder (for me) not to over indulge!easy DIY artLarge painted canvas art

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