Halloween Eyeball Canapes

Halloween Eyeball Canapes with Cheese and Kiwi Berries

Halloween Eyeball Canapes with Cheese and Kiwi Berries

I found these mini kiwi berries in Waitrose earlier this year. When I bit in to one it reminded me of an eyeball, which is what inspired these eyeball canapes. Halloween Eyeball Canapes


  • Round crackers
  • Mature Cheddar Cheese
  • Kiwi berries (or grapes if you cant get kiwi berries)
  • Red food colour and a clean paint brush


Mini kiwi berries are my new favourite fruit.  Not because they taste amazing (they are quite tasty)- but because they are unusual and super cute.  About the size of a grape, and look like a gooseberry, but are much much sweeter.  They don’t have a furry skin like a full sized kiwi fruit – so you can just eat them whole.  Personally I can never resist biting or cutting them in half to see the mini kiwi inside.

The kiwi berries are grown on Herfordshire, and are available in a few Waitrose stores, but if you cant get them, a slice of grape would be a good substitute.
crackers cheese and kiwi berries

Cut a circle of cheese slightly smaller than the size of the cracker. Halloween Eyeball Canapes

Add a slice of kiwi berry to each cheese cracker. Add squiggly lines on the cheese using the red food dye to make veins in the eyeball canapes.Halloween Eyeball CanapesPerfect easy 5 minute canapes or halloween snacksHalloween Eyeball Canapes

Halloween Eyeball Canapes on a marble background

Halloween Eyeball Canapes with halloween decorations

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