Pom Pom Bat Halloween Decorations

Pom Pom Bat Halloween Decorations

Pom Pom Bat Halloween Decorations

How cute are these pom pom bat halloween decorations?  We started making them last halloween, and became addicted, hanging them everywhere.  They are really easy – a perfect craft for little fingers.  The added benefit of virtually no mess.  Pom Pom Bat Halloween Decorations with words on a wooden background


  • Black wool
  • Pom pom maker (or circles / donuts shapes of thick card)
  • Black card
  • White paper
  • Googlie Eyes
  • Glue


First off you need to make mini pompoms.  I have a little pom pom maker (machine) and a pom pom maker (daughter) to make these in our house!  Always good to outsource when you can.

black wool, pompom maker and pompoms on a wooden backgroundMake the bat wings using the black card, or thick black paper. Rough and ready is fine.paper bat cut from paperGlue the pom pom bat to its paper wings, and add googlie eyes. Pom Pom Bat decorations and boo written in woolCut fangs and teeth from a small piece of white paper, and glue in place.

Pom Pom bats  make cute non scary decorations for small kids who aren’t wanting the full goolish, gruesome experience.  Pom Pom Bat Halloween Decorations on wooden background


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      Thanks Trixi – so easy to make, and even better if you can rope in some cheap chid or teen labour!! Hope you had a great halloween.

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      Thanks Ashley – the pom pom makers are great for getting a bunch made in a short time. hope your halloween preparations are going well.

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      Thanks This mum at home.

      I hadn’t made one for years either……but I will warn you the are strangely addictive when you get started. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉

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