Unusual Christmas Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree with Balloons

Alternative Christmas Tree with Balloons

This alternative Christmas tree started out life as a balloon advent calendar.  I have a friend who’s daughter is doing 11+ exams in the new year.  Its really tough, and understandably she’s struggling to stay motivated.  I filled the balloons with sweets, and thought it would be a nice start to each day is she could pop a balloon every  to get a treat.

The idea came from a balloon pop birthday count down for Abbi a few years back that was a huge hit.


I completely underestimated how difficult it would be to push sweets into 25 balloons. And definitely didn’t consider that I would stretch the rubber and compromise the rubber in the balloons, meaning that they started to deflate after only 2 days!

Part of the problems was that the sweets I chose were too wide.  (It was seriously difficult getting some of them into the balloons).  I’m sharing what I did anyway, as you could substitute thin sweets, which slip in without stretching the neck – or little motivational messages on paper. Though in all honestly they would definitely not be as well received as chocolate in our house.

It made a made a funky alternative Christmas Tree for a few days before starting to deflate.

So rather than an advent calendar, it would make a nice party decoration, or space saving Christmas tree.  Without the sweets this could easily last up to a week.

Christmas Tree made from balloons



For the tree:

  • 24 balloons
  • 1 gold
  • 20 assorted green
  • 3 brown balloons
  • String

For the “branches”

  • Green masking tape
  • wooden garden skewers/stakes
  • bubble wrap


Inflate all the balloons.

Pile of balloons in the shape of a tree

Add sweets if required.celebrations sweets
Unusual christmas tree ideas

Next make the “branches”.  Garden skewers cut into 5 different sizes worked well for this.  Wrap them in bubble wrap to give a bit of depth before covering in green masking tape.

Attach the green balloons and string in a vague christmas tree shape.Quirky Christmas Tree Ideas

The gold balloon is a star at the top, with 3 brown balloons for the trunk.Christmas Trees for small spaces
As an advent calendar, pop the balloons one at a time until you get to the gold star.  Or just hang as a cute easy and cheap space saving Christmas tree.

Here are a few more alternative Christmas Trees if you need some inspiration to get started:

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Unusual Christmas Tree Ideas

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And finally, combining stationery and Christmas, Two of my favourite things: Post It Note Christmas TreePost It Note Christmas Tree

What creative christmas tree idea do you like best?

Balloon Christmas Tree











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