Funny New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions – That You May Actually Keep

New Year Resolutions – That You May Actually Keep

Every January we make New Year Resolutions that are broken by the end of the month. And in some cases even the end of the week.

This year, we decided the resolutions should be a little more easy to keep. So we made a few changes.

New Year Resolutions

The original new years resolutions look a bit challenging, so we made some modifications.

Funny New Year Resolutions

No promises, but we may actually be able to keep these resolutions all year!


Alternative New Year ResolutionsWhatever your plans in the new year, we hope you have a good one.

Happy New Year


PaintSewGlueChew xx


The text for these resolutions came from something I saw on the internet a few years ago – I don’t know the source, but I have appropriated it – and am happy to give credit where due if the source is identified.

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