Snowman Ice Cream

Cute and Easy Snowman Ice Cream

Snowman Ice Cream

It snowed in London at the weekend.  Not enough for a snowball fight, but enough to make us all feel christmassy. So Abbi and I made a snowman ice cream instead.  These would make a fun dessert for kids at Christmas.  And they can be made ahead, and kept in the freezer until you are ready to serve, which is always a bonus.

Snowman Ice cream


For each snowman ice cream you will need:

  • A scoop and a half of vanilla ice cream
  • 2 oreos (The thin variety work best)
  • 1 rolo (or a peanut butter cup)
  • 2 chocolate buttons – 1 for chopping, and
  • an orange jelly sweet (an orange tic tac would work just as well)
  • 1 fizzy strip

Improvise with whatever sweets and biscuits you have.

Serve is an shallow bowl/ dish


First blitz up an oreo per snowman to make an earthy base.  Leave the filling in to make it less dry / more earth like.

Snowmen IcecreamMake the ice cream into balls, and return to the freezer to harden up. I made the mistake of buying Devon cream vanilla ice cream  –  so my snowmen have a yellowish tinge.  Make one standard scoop and one smaller scoop per snowman.Snowman Ice creamPlace the head on top.

The put the naked snowmen bodies in the oreo earth, before getting creative with your decorations. We used chocolate buttons chopped up to be coal for the eyes and mouth.  A jelly diamond was cut up for the carrot nose.Snowmen Icecream

While we were making snowman it continued to snow outside.
Snowman IcecreamsWe added these multicoloured fizzy strips to make a snowman scarf, and returned them to the freezer until ready to eat.  Snip the edges of the fizzy strips to make fringing on the scarf, and wrap round the snowman neck.Finally we added a chipper little hat made from an oreo thin and and a rolo (glued together with a few drops of melted chocolate).  Add the hat at a jaunty angle before serving.Snowmen Ice creamCertainly not the most sophisticated of puddings, but an easy fun idea for kids.Snowmen Ice cream

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