Alternative Valentine Cards

Alternative Valentine Cards – Free Download

Alternative Valentine Cards – Free Download Available

I’ve been playing around with Adobe illustrator to bring you these alternative valentine cards.

In the interests of full disclosure, I have to admit that Mr PaintSewGlueChew and I have never celebrated valentines day – we don’t even exchange cards.  The whole thing is too commercialised and smooshy for my tastes. Giant teddy bears, overpriced roses, heart shaped chocolates and nauseating cards would be grounds for divorce in our house.

Ok maybe the chocolates would make it across the threshold. 

Alternative Valentine Cards

‘The only thing I like more than you is netflix’

I think its important to let your other half know where they stand in the relationship.  Clearly in our house it’s well behind netflix.

These valentine cards may just be the way to get your message across!  So why not consider: ‘The only thing I like more than you is netflix’

Alternative Valentine Cards

You annoy me slightly less than anyone else’.

Or for a slightly more gentle message, how about ‘You annoy me slightly less than anyone else’.Alternative Valentine Cards

These alternative valentine cards are A5 sized – and available as a free download.

Alternative Valentine Cards



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