Dymo tape place setting

Dymo Tape Vase Place Setting

Dymo Tape Vase Place Setting

These dymo tape vase place settings combine my love of labelling things, personalisation, and place settings. ¬†Happy times. Throw in a jam jar, and you’ve hit the mother load!

min jam jars vases with dymo tape labels


  • Mini jam jars
  • Dymo tape or other imprint label maker
  • Meadow flowers


I bought this beautiful old (vintage) dymo taper on eBay a while back – though the good old ¬£5 plastic version works just as well. I’m always looking for an excuse to label things up.

Teeny spice jars make great teeny vases.jam jars and dymo tape

Type the name of each of your guests on the embossing label.Dymo tape maker and tapes

Add some pretty summer flowers.little vases of flowers

Add matching pretty accessories. table setting dymo tape vases

As well as personalised vases, use the label maker to decorate larger vases (like these empty nutella jars) with poems of messages.
Jam jar vases

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