Pastel hand painted gift wrap

Pastel Painted Gift Wrap on Craft Paper

Pastel Painted Gift Wrap on Craft Paper

This pastel painted gift wrap took around 30 minutes, including the time to wrap the gifts.  I made it for Abbis birthday last week to pretty up her presents with some customised gift wrap. Her main gift this year is a double bed and built in wardrobe – a little more difficult to wrap in craft paper.

Pastel hand painted gift wrap


  • Gifts – (lots & lots!!)
  • Craft Paper
  • White paint & assorted inks, or assorted paints
  • Paint brush


First wrap up the gifts. For maximum effect on the pastel effect use a minimum of 4-5 gifts. Use standard craft paper as the base like I did.  For a white base, printer paper for small gifts or lining paper would also work well.

Pastel hand painted gift wrap

Collect or mix up a variety of colours. I used white paint mixed with a variety of inks.  When combined they give a pretty pastel palette.

Pastel hand painted gift wrap

Apply the paint in blobs, spots of stripes as preferred. This can be as precise or rough and ready as you want. personally I like the rustic look of a rough and ready approach. All those imperfections look deliberate!

Applying the paint after the gifts are wrapped means minimal waste – though you could obviously make sheets of gift wrap in advance.

Blue hand painted gift wrap

Apply blobs, or teeny spots. Yellow hand painted gift wrap

Ideally use a mix of sizes in the pattern, like large circles.Yellow hand painted gift wrap

Contrast with smaller blobs or hand painted gift wrap

Stripes make a nice contrast striped hand painted gift wrap

The gifts were all wrapped the night before her birthday, then as it was a Saturday night, Mr PaintSewGlueChew and I went out for dinner for the night with friends. At the same time as making the gift wrap, I painted a quick little birthday banner (which is a bit of a tradition in our house).

Abbi and I actually share the same birthday, and she is always very keen to make sure that my birthday isn’t over shadowed by hers.

When I came down for breakfast on the morning of our birthday I was treated to a nice surprise. While we were out for dinner, my gorgeous daughter had copied the pastel gift wrap idea, and wrapped my gifts to match.  (And probably done a better job than me!)

pretty pastel gift wrap

When I looked closer, I saw she had also edited my birthday message to her “HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY ABBI’, with an addition for me! I will be honest, there may have been a tear or two shed!!

Pretty handmade gift wrap

So pretty, and so touching!  I will post details of the birthday banner shortly.

pastel hand painted gift wrap

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