Cute heart shaped butter

Cute Butter Hearts

Cute Butter Hearts

Before someone stages an intervention, I have to stress I am not in the habit of making butter into shapes, and I am well aware that most people have far more important things to do….but, in my defense, but we were hosting a fancy afternoon tea for Abbi’s birthday, and wanted to pull out all the stops. These cute butter hearts were one of the (many many) little teeny tiny things we made for the party.  I may have got a bit carried away!

We will be sharing some of the other details over the next few weeks.Cute butter hearts


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You will need a silicone ice cube tray to make the shapes.  This one was from Ikea, but they are also available from amazon for a few pounds. Ideally the butter should be room temperature.How to make butter hearts

Press the butter into the heart shape, and push it down.  Our butter was still quite hard, and we weren’t as thorough at making sure the butter went all the way to the bottom as we could have been (as you will see with our finished butter hearts). Once your have fully pressed the butter down, use a sharp knife or blade to flatten the top.Easy butter heart DIY

In order to get the butter out of the mold without distorting its shape, it needs to be rock hard. Once youve made as many hears as you need, place the tray in the freezer for a few hours. If left uncovered the butter may discolour, so wrap in grease proof paper before freezing. They can stay like this for a month or so, depending upon your freezer.How to make butter hearts

The hearts need to be taken out of the mold while they are still frozen, so remove from the tray at least an hour before you want to use them.  You can see underneath where we didn’t push down quite hard enough, but still super cute right?Heart shaped butter

We were serving ours with mini scones and hand made jam, so I served the butter hearts on these little canape plates.Cute Butter Hearts

They were the final course in our fancy teenage afternoon tea party.Butter Hearts

These cute butter hearts were very well received by the party guests, who loved all the little details we did, and while they make look like they are a faff, they only took 15 minutes.  A few of these little details can make all the difference in setting the scene for a party.

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