18. Afternoon Tea Pinterest

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Diana18. Afternoon Tea Pinterest

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    1. Diana

      Hi Patricia – its by a company called Koziol. They are actually quite reasonably priced. Heres a link to one. https://www.madeindesign.co.uk/prod-babell-xs-presentation-dish-o-20-x-h-22-cm-by-koziol-ref3181525.html?esl-k=google%7Cnu%7Cc431342464782%7Cm%7Ck297261239242%7Cp%7Ct%7Cdc%7Ca102799853640%7Cg9876052068&gclid=CjwKCAiA9bmABhBbEiwASb35Vwy5xKPJjBBYL_sDRZcUTxjcxpVLTAXFhUtGEZXGjgl-nMa8Jb9PiRoCgtYQAvD_BwE

      Or google Koziol stacking cake plates. Make sure you are buying the three trays, as some amazon sellers sell just the two. (with a photo of the three) – I made this mistake before. Happy shopping.

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