Easy Handmade name plate

Easy Handmade Name Plate

Easy Handmade Name Plate

This easy handmade name plate was a little handmade gift that Abbi made for one of her friends birthdays. This is an easy craft, that requires almost no parental interference, even for younger kids.  Polymer clays are available in a massive range of colours and even textures. Put your own stamp on the craft by choosing different fonts, sizes and words as well as names. Easy handmade Name plate


  • Fimo (or other polymer clay)
  • Embroidery thread
  • String
  • Needle or pin
  • Printer and paper


First, make a template by printing out the word or name that you plan to make, using a script font, where the letters all touch in a continuous flow.  Alternatively if you cant find a script you like, draw out the word freehand.

Next, using a piece of string, trace the length of the word to see how long the piece of polymer clay needs to be.  Easy handmade Name banner Roll out the polymer clay into a long sausage or snake at least as long as the word, as measured by the string in the previous step.  This will ensure you get the full word without any joins in the clay.Handmade gift ideasOnce you have a single pice of polymer clay, follow the line of the letters to create the handmade name plate.Squish and adjust as required until the handmade name plate looks how you want it.  Where clay crosses over itself, gently press the the two pieces together.Instructions for Handmade name plate

Use a needle, pin, or in our case a corn on the cop holder to make two holes in the letters where you will hang the word.  The holes will close slightly when you heat the clay, so make sure its big enough to thread your string.  2mm should be enough.Handmade name plate DIYFollowing the instructions on heat and time for your polymer clay, bake in the oven.polymer Clay wordsOnce baked and cooled, use embroidery thread to enable hanging.Polymer Clay ideas

I’ve called this a kids craft, as it was something Abbi made for her friend, but you could make mini versions of these for liquor bottles, or use them around the house. I’d love to hear what you would use them for.

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