Easy Bin Bag Spider Halloween Decorations

Easy Bin Bag Spider Halloween Decorations

Easy Bin Bag Spider Halloween Decorations

These easy bin bag spider halloween decorations can be made in about 15 minutes and make an effective (and cheap) easy halloween party decoration.Spider Halloween Decorations made with bin bags


  • Bubble wrap
  • Black bin bag
  • While paper scrap and black pen
  • Black crepe paper
  • Scellotape
  • Masking tape, removable hooks and a safety pin for fixing to the wall.

Easy Spider Halloween Decorations


To make the body of the spider, bunch up the bubble wrap into ball shape.  Use tape to shape as required.  Mine were approximately the size of a dinner plate, but bigger or smaller is fine to fit your space.bubble wrap bin bags and spidersWrap the bubble wrap in black bin bags.Give the spider some features.  Scary eyes:homemade spider decorationsOr some cuter eyes for little kids.Spider decorationsCute eyes obviously wouldn’t cut it in our house. I added some fangs to mine too.homemade spidersCut 8 legs from the crepe paper – about 3ft each in length, and attach to the base of the spiders body.

Removable platic hooks attach the body to the wall.  A safety pin clipped to the underneath of the spider can clip on to the hooks for easy hanging.Spider decorations Use masking tape (folded over on itself) to attach the spider legs to the ceiling and wall.

Also these easy bin bag spider halloween decorations make a great ‘mother ship’ for my simple 5 minute halloween spider decorations.Easy Bin Bag Spider Halloween DecorationsHappy Halloween.

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