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Easy Road Kill Halloween Costume

Easy Road Kill Halloween Costume

In the past we have gone quite elaborate with our halloween costume.  Including a Dismembered Zombie, Headless Halloween Costume, and even some Creepy Twins inspired by The Shining.  This year, our Easy Road Kill Halloween Costume, couldn’t be simpler.  This was made in half an hour, and cost only a few pounds.Road Kill halloween costume


  • White t-shirt
  • Black Paint and flat tip paintbrush
  • Fake Blood
  • Cat ears and tail

diy halloween costume tshirt with paintMethod

The main part of this costume is the tyre tracks over the t-shirt.  We practiced some tyre track patterns on a piece of card first.painting tyre tracksPut some paper or card inside the t-shirt to stop the paint bleeding through, then paint the tyre tracks pattern from the middle of the neck at an angle over the shirt. 4 tracks wide works well in a zig zag pattern.  Reverse the pattern with each line. There is no need to be too precise, as the trackslook good even if rough and ready.

Painting a t-shirtContinue on the same angle of the t-shirt, painting the tracks over your face.  We use simple acrylic paint rather than face paints, as it dried quickly, and can be washed off fairly easily.

It may be an idea to do a small skin test patch for allergies before plastering all over your face! girl in a Road kill costumeSplatter some fake blood on the t-shirt and face. Lying on the floor in a dramatic fashion is optional (and will make it difficult to trick or treat!).halloween road kill costumeAnd finally, add some cat ears and a little tail to complete the look.unique halloween costume ideas EASY road kill costume

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