Easy Christmas Pudding Oreo Truffles

Easy Christmas Pudding Oreo Truffles

Easy Christmas Pudding Oreo Truffles

These easy Christmas pudding oreo truffles can be made in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.  They make a great homemade gift over the holiday season, if you can avoid scoffing them all yourself that is.Easy Christmas Pudding Oreo Truffles

Ingredients (makes around 30)

  • 300g oreos crushed to fine powder
  • 150g cream cheese
  • Dash of vanilla extract (to taste)
  • 60g White chocolate candy melts
  • Plus 10g Red and 30g green chocolate candy melts

If you don’t have red and green candy melts, add food colouring to more of the white melts.

As an optional extra, add 20g finely chopped raisins and a dash of brandy (and reduce the cream cheese to 130g)


First blitz the oreo cookies in a blender to a fine powder.  If you don’t have a blender, bash the biscuits with a rolling pin.

If adding chopped raisins and brandy, add them now, before adding the cream cheese and vanilla. Mix completely until all ingredients are fully combined. Start off with a small dash of vanilla, and adjust the amount if needed for additional sweetness.For even sized balls, measure out clumps of approximately 12g of mixture.

Roll the clumps into ball, pushing the balls down slightly to create a slightly flat bottom so they don’t roll around the tray. Place in the fridge to harden slightly. 10 minutes should be enough if you are in a hurry, but the longer the better, as they will become less sticky and easier to coat in chocolate. 

While they are chillin’, melt the white chocolate, and cover the ‘puddings’ by dipping the top into the chocolate without fully submerging.

Next add the ‘holly’.  Melt a few of the green candy melts in a tiny plastic bag, making a teeny tiny slit at the end, and draw squigly holly shapes on top of the white chocolate.Easy Christmas Pudding Oreo TrufflesYou will need only a couple of melts for the red berries.  Add two red berries per truffle.Easy Christmas Pudding Oreo TrufflesThese make a great sweet treat with coffee at the end of a festive meal.Easy Christmas Pudding Oreo TrufflesThey also make brilliant hostess gifts, or gifts for last minute and unexpected guests.  Place in petit four cases, and package in recycled chocolate boxes or cellophane gift bags wrapped with some ribbon and a little tag.

Easy Christmas Pudding Oreo TrufflesStore in the fridge for a month.  If your willpower lasts that long!

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