Printable Hip Hip Hooray Party Decorations

Hip Hip Hooray Monochrome Decoration

Hip Hip Hooray Monochrome Decoration

It’s Mr PaintSewGlueChews birthday at the end of January.  And a birthday is always a great excuse to make a birthday banner.  This easy printable monochrome birthday banner was actually from last year, and looks especially stylish against a plain white wall.

Not bad for 10 minutes and a dozen sheets of standard printer paper.Printable party decorations


  • Printer paper and Printer
  • Blue or white tac


Does this really need a method?

Just in case……use a suitable word processing package like word or powerpoint to print large letters spelling out Hip Hip Hooray, centralised on the page.  A large sans serif font will work best. Hip Hip Hooray PrintableAdd a small piece of blu tac or white tac to the corners on the back of each sheet.

Hip Hip Hooray Party ideaThen simply stick to the wall – a white wall will work best.  As an optional extra add some easy monochrome sticker bunting. Hip Hip Hooray Party Decorations

I actually loved this so much I think it stayed up until mid June!

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