Hand painted baby gift wrap

Easy Hand Painted New Baby Gift Wrap

Easy Hand Painted New Baby Gift Wrap

This easy hand painted new baby gift wrap takes only minutes to make.  Most of our friends are past the baby stage by now, but two of our neighbours were expecting babies recently, so I jumped at the chance to do something baby related.

I got broody for about 15 seconds before I heard tales of throwing up and sleepless nights.  Teenagers may give you a lot of back chat, but nobody ever accused a teen of not sleeping enough!hand painted gift wrap with cute pink baby faces


  • Sheets of white flip chart paper (or wallpaper lining paper)
  • Pink/red, and white paint
  • Black think line sharpie or felt tip pen
  • Cardstock for matching greetings card and or gift tags.


Try to use a backing paper thats as white as possible.  I had some left over flip chart paper, which makes nice large sheets of gift wrap. White lining paper works well too, and is available in any hardware shop for a few pounds a roll.

Mix up some baby pink paint, and paint random circles on the paper, approximately 30 cm diameter.  While they are drying, I made some matching gift tags, and a card for one of the new arrivals.

Once the pink blobs are dry, add a few details.  Two pink rosy cheeks, eyes, nose and mouth and a twist of hair are enough to make these cute babies.Cute hand painted baby faces on gift wrap and gift tags

Add a few extra details to the letters to give a 3 D effect.Allow all to dry before wrapping up the gifts.Hand painted baby gift wrapped giftsChoose a matching or contrasting twine or raffia to attach the tags, and you are good to go. All done from start to finish in 15 minutes.

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