Polymer Clay name place settings

Easy Polymer Clay Name Place Settings

Easy Polymer Clay Name Place Settings

So many of my friends are celebrating landmark birthdays over the next few years. Which means lots of celebration lunches, dinners and parties. Most of my friends don’t share my passion for making stuff, so a great opportunity for me to get stuck in and add some hand made elements to some of the festivities.

I’ve made a few sets of these polymer clay place name settings, and love how delicate they look. From a distance they look like simple card stock. It’s only when you look closer you see the names imprinted, and the more robust texture.

Polymer Clay name place settings

Materials & Tools

  • White Polymer Clay (Or whichever colour suits your theme)
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Rolling Pin (Or pasta maker)
  • Ruler
  • Small piece of cardboard
  • Alphabet stamps
  • Cookie cutter (optional)


Firstly, make a square or rectangular template so that all of the name places are the same size. For these, I used a rectangle 8cm wide, and 7cm tall (3.5cm when folded).

Roll out the clay using a rolling pin or pasta maker, and cut the clay to the template.

Polymer Clay name place settings

Use cookie or fondant cutters and alphabet stamps to decorate each name place. Score each piece of clay with a small knife along the middle.

Create a mount for the name places, to keep their structure while they are baking. Fold a piece of card into an upside down V, and secure with another piece. The name places will go into the oven on these mounts. I usually use a longer strip, that I can put 4-5 on at the same time.

Bake in the oven according to the manufacturers instructions.

Polymer Clay name place settings

These were part of the party decorations I did recently for a friends 60th birthday lunch. Add a tine sprig of green, like these eucalyptus sprigs into the back of the name places. This was for a Mediterranean birthday lunch. The name places looked great with the hand painted blue plates White linens some gold and white decorated jars of wild flowers and table runners made from photos of the birthday girl completed the table.

Polymer Clay name place settings

For another version. This time for a 50th birthday dinner in a swanky private dining room, I attached the cut out star, and painted it gold before attaching to the front of the name place.

Polymer Clay name place settings
Polymer Clay name place settings

Both of these name places were for parties where I did more decorations, including large photo decorations, Check out more details here.

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