Handmade 1920 newspaper

Fantastic 1920 Speakeasy Newspaper Invite

later in the month we are planning a fabulous 50th birthday party. This 1920 speakeasy newspaper invite will set the scene and build some pre party excitement.

**Update** The save the date telegram and newspaper invites are now available over on my Etsy Shop.

Save The Date

The first thing we sent out was a mock up of a vintage 1920s telegram. I used Adobe illustrator to make the card, and then sent it using Paperless Post. Details were kept to a minimum, as this is just a save the date. I created a ‘secret venue’ to add intrigue. If you want to copy this idea, the template is available as a customisable download on etsy.

The secret venue is actually our house. But via the back entrance at the rear of our garden. Most of our guests wont be aware that it’s there.

Prohibition party save the date telegram

The 1920s Speakeasy Newspaper Invite

About 6-7 weeks before the party, I sent out more details to our guest list. I had a lot of information to impart, and build up the theme / backstory for the party. A mock up newspaper was the perfect way to do this. Again I used Adobe illustrator to make the mockup newspaper (2 sided). You could easily achieve a similar effect on powerpoint.

To accompany the 1920 speakeasy newspaper invite, I added a personalised Temperance Society Card.

Both documents were placed in shiny gold envelopes printed with guests names in a 1920s font.

The Newspapers are available to purchase and customise on my etsy shop here.

1920 speakeasy newspaper invite with gold envelopes

The 1920s newspaper was printed double sided on A3 paper, using a variety of vintage style fonts. The front of the paper sets the scene: The police are cracking down on saloons and bars in the city. The 49 club has recently been raided and closed. The picture of ‘The 49 club’ is the outside of our house. (gotta love that authenticity). I also added a few additional photos of the Christian Woman’s Temperance Movement. Anti prohibition protest photos and details of both movements also set the scene.

1920 newspaper with speakeasy stories

When they received their save the date details, a lot of my friends asked me what they should wear. A ‘fashion page’ at the back of the newspaper outlines the types of clothes people wore in the 1920s. A few photos of ladies and gents can be further illustrate.

An Adverts & Classified section at the bottom was added, with various ridiculous ads from the era. I included a new advert for ‘The 50 Club’. A handwritten font scribbled over the top explained this new ’50 Club’ replaced the closed 49 club. And was opening on the night of the party.

1920 Newspaper party invite

The Nitty Gritty Details

I was concerned that as the paper has a lot going on, the party specifics may not be 100% clear. Who, what, when, where etc.

To cover this, and also to further ‘set the scene’ I included a Temperance Society Membership Card. The ‘entrance’ to our speakeasy will be via a hidden speakeasy style door, masquerading as a Christian Ladies temperance Meeting.

Both front and back of the card are shown here.

The front of the card, is a mock up I made in 1920s style. I allocated ‘gangster names’ to each of my guests and asked them to come in character. The back then includes the summary details, in case my friends don’t read the paper!

Christian Ladies Temperance Society card Party Invites

Watch this space for more details of the party decorations, cocktails, casino and other party details. Why not follow the blog to make sure you don’t miss them.

If you want to purchase any of the items customised for your own party, please check out my Etsy shop.

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  1. Hi how can I order /where the crackdown on illicit bars
    I have built a underground whisky bar at home and would love to customize a3 size many thanks John Tasmania australia

    1. Post

      Hi John

      Your underground bar sounds awesome! Of course I can customise these for you. I’ve done many for speakeasy parties from Europe to USA. It’s a very popular theme. Ive sent you an email with more details of prices and what would be included.


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