Easy no ice cream thick shakes

Thick Shakes – Easy No Ice Cream Recipe

Thick Shakes

These thick shakes are far healthier and more refreshing than a shake that’s been plumped up with multiple scoops of ice cream.

Chocolate No Ice Cream Thick Shake on marble table

My kids go mad for milkshakes over the summer months, and if left unchecked, could easily get through gallons of ice cream. They also burn through their allowance on overpriced frappuccino drinks from the local coffee shops.

Made with only a few ingredients, the kids can easily whip up their own drinks.  And they are friendlier to their wallets than a daily trip to the coffee shop.


  • Chocolate Milk (or normal milk with chocolate syrup/powder)
  • Optional Extras: Chocolate syrup, marshmallows, squirty cream, sprinkles, wafers, chocolate flake.


The only downside of these thick shakes is that you have to plan ahead by at least a few hours to allow the milk to freeze. But it’s not not too much of a chore to freeze a tray or two of milk. Either freeze unflavoured milk, and add flavouring later. Or be super lazy like us, and just freeze a good quality chocolate milk from the supermarket.

Chocolush Ice Clubes

Another great benefits of this method is that it works for dairy free / lactose free thick shakes too. Use soya milk or goats milk if thats your thing.

Once frozen, take around 6-8 cubes per person and pop in a blender.

Frozen Chocolate milk in a blender

Blitz until completely smooth. The frozen milk is enough to make the shake thick without having to add loads more calorie and sugar laden ice cream.

Thick Shake in a Blender

You could obviously just pour this into a glass. Or stick a straw straight into the blender (we won’t judge). But for added brownie points, its nice to pimp up the shakes. Obvioulsy the more you pimp, that higher the calorie intake.

Before pouring the thick shakes into glasses, pour a drizzle of syrup down the glass, turning it as you go.

Boden Glass with chocolate Syrup

Decorate with cream, flakes, sprinkles or wafers to taste. Before finding a sunny spot in the garden to enjoy.

Beautiful chocolate thick shake with cream and sprinkles

I’m not going to pretend that this is a healthy drink. However at least with this version you know exactly how much sugar has gone into the drink. even more so if you flavour your own milk. The cost per drink is less than 50p a glass. Compared to £3-4 per coffee shop drink.

Alternative Thick Shakes Flavours

We only ever make chocolate shakes, but you could substitute strawberry or banana milk. Throw in some fresh or frozen fruit to the mix to intensify the flavour.

Other options could be simple vanilla with a few drops of vanilla extract to the plain milk, or a shot of cold decaffeinated coffee.

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