Campbells soup cocktail printable label

Campbells Soup Cocktail Printable Label

Cocktails served in a Campbells Soup Can make a great conversation starter at a drinks party or gathering. We made these for a recent Speakeasy Party. They were fantastic for our theme, and a great hit. Head over to order some from my Etsy Shop. Available as a digital download as shown, or customised for your own personalised version.

Campbells soup cocktail label

The Soup Can

Andy Warhol – Pop Art

Campbells soup cans were immortalised in the 60s by Andy Warhol’s screen printed series of 32 cans. One for each variety of soup that was available at the time. The work did not make much of a stir at the time. Warhols collective work is now recognised as a watershed moment in the pop art movement, with originals from the series changing hands for millions of dollars.

The Campbells Soup Can is now synonymous with Warhol, and the image has been replicated and copied in many forms, and on practically every surface imaginable.

Warhols Inspiration

Many people wrongly assume that Warhol designed the iconic can labels for the soup company. The design actually predates Warhols exhibition by over 70 years. One of the reasons that Warhol picked the soup can was that he wanted to choose a graphic image that was generic and easily recognisable. Campbells sold 75% of all soup at the time. Warhol claims to have eaten the soup every day for lunch for over 20 years.

Read more about Andy Warhol

Campbells Soup Can – The History

The Campbells soup company was founded in 1869 as a partnership between, a fruit producer, an an ice box manufacturer. The company produced canned tomatoes, vegetables, jellies, soups and minced meats.

The iconic lettering in the Campbells logo is apparently based on founder Joseph Campbells own signature. Designed to appeal to the housewife of the time, it was intended to look like the kind of cursive script that would be found on handwritten recipes. The distinctive red an white was inspired by Cornells red and white football strips.

Speakeasy Drinks

The speakeasy party that we set up, involved creating a hidden bar in our house that was masquerading as a ladies temperance society meeting. The full ‘backstory’ is available with the newspaper invitations created for the event.

A part of this theme, we hide drinks in ‘hidden vessels to ‘throw cops off the scent’ in case of a raid, including one ‘hidden’ in a Campbells Soup can. While an authentic 1920 design would be slightly different to that used by Warhol, I decided our guests would permit us this little artistic licence.

Campbells Soup Cocktail

We chose a ‘floradora’, as it was authentic to the 20s era. Coincidentally as a red cocktail, it was well suited to the soup cans. In addition, a long drink also avoids looking ‘lost’ in the can. I used a bit of artistic license to the sides of the can with the ‘directions’.

Campbells Soup Cans would make a great Bloody Mary at a special brunch, though they would not have been appropriate for our event.

bespoke campbells soup can label

The other side of the can had the ingredients and a bar code.

campbells soup cocktail can ideas

The labels are the perfect size to print out 2 per A4 page. Add double sided tape to the back of each label and trim at the black edges.

Printable campbells soup can label

I used tin can blanks that I found online for a pound or so each. As an alternative you can use recycled cans – but If you choose recycled, make sure they are safe. In other words, clean, and the edges crimped down safely. Consider using plastic inserts.

make your own campbells soup cocktails
Printable label for campbells soup cans

We displayed the cans with our other drinking vessels behind a temporary bar.

Campbells soup can cocktails

The Floradora

The floradoras were delicious, and worked perfectly as our Campbells Soup Cocktail. Deliberately, we made ours not too strong so that guests could drink a lot and not get ‘blotto’ in the first half hour!

Obviously if you want a stronger drink, add 2oz of gin or vodka instead of 1.5oz, and substitute the raspberry syrup and apple juice for frambois (raspberry liquor).


  • 1.5 oz vodka
  • 0.5 oz fresh lime juice
  • 0.5 oz raspberry syrup
  • 0.5oz apple juice
  • 4 oz ginger ale
  • Garnish with a few edible flowers and a raspberry.


Mix the vodka, lime juice and raspberry syrup and apple juice together, and pour over ice. Top up with ginger beer. Add garnish and enjoy.

Fancy a custom version of your own?

Contact me at to order your own, or head to Etsy to check out this and lots of other printables.

Bloody Mary Campbells Soup Can

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