Burgers with antlers and tomato nose

Rudolph Burgers DIY

Kids, teens (and even adults) will love these Rudolph Burgers. Use your favourite burger recipe or shop bought burger, and pimp it up with our easy Christmas Party idea.

Materials / Ingredients


  • Burger & Bun
  • Cherry tomato
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Black Olives


  • Brown or craft paper / card
  • Skewers / toothpicks
  • Glue or double sided tape


Ideally make the antlers ahead of time. To get uniform / standard antlers make a template to draw around. As you can see, my antler template has a fold in the middle, to get a symmetrical set. Fold the paper in half, and draw an antler shape on one side. Cut it out while still folded. Then use this template to draw shapes on your card.

Cut the antler shapes, and secure a toothpick on the back using double sided tape and a small rectangle of card.

paper antlers

The Reindeer Face

While your burgers are cooking, Use a circle cutter (approximately 1cm diameter) for the eyes in a slice of cheese. Slice black olives and put one slice on each piece of cheese.

Feel free to use any burger recipe you like. I cheated and used Tesco Finest Burgers for mine, but these could work easily well with turkey burgers, or veggie burgers. Incidentally if I do make burgers from scratch, this is my go to Basic Burger Recipe. I will then add additional spices, seasoning and toppings depending on my mood and the audience.

Cheese and olive eyes

Had a very shiny nose

Skewer 1 cherry tomato per Rudolph Burger, as the shiny red nose. Once your burgers and cooked, and buns toasted, the nose can be stuck in to the bun. The ‘eyes’ should stay in place, our certainly did. But edible glue could work if you want to be sure.

Cherry rudolph noses

Finally add the antlers to the top of the Rudolph Burgers, and serve immediately.

rudolph burgers

I made these for my daughters end of term Christmas hangout with a few friends. As teenagers, they weren’t my expected target audience. But the girls still thought them cute, and they were instagrammed within an inch of their lives!

Teen Christmas Party Ideas

If you like these Rudolph Burgers, you may like some of our other Christmas reindeer themed foods: Rudolph Nutella Toast , Rudolph Hot Chocolate and for younger guests Rudolph juice boxes.

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