Skittles vodka shots in syringes

Skittles Vodka Shots in Syringes

Skittles Vodka Shots in Syringes combine skittles (yum), vodka (yum yum) and we’ve served ours in plastic syringes for added quirkiness. Just what the doctor ordered.

Even better, the whole lot can be made in a few hours.

coloured Skittles vodka shots in syringes

Ingredients –

For each flavour of skittle, we used

  • 200ml Vodka
  • 30 Skittles
  • Plastic syringes – Various sizes available. Ours were 10ml
  • Muslin or coffee filters


Putting all the skittles in together will produce a brownish vodka drink. If you want to get crisp distinct colours, separate them into different jars.

One large family bag of skittles gave us enough for 30 of each flavour. A few either way wont make much difference.

skittles in vodka
skittles flavoured vodka

The skittles will start to dissolve almost immediately, and will lose their outer colour coating.

Speed up the process significantly by shaking them until dissolved. Ideally like me, delegate this task to a lurking teen.

With some enthusiastic shaking, they will fully combine with the vodka in under an hour. If you aren’t in a hurry. They will dissolve on their own with only a minor shake in 24 hours.

skittles vodka shots

The outer casing in the skittles creates a rather unpleasant scum on the dissolved liquid. To remove it, you will have to filter the liquid at least once, if not twice to remove it. A piece of muslin or regular coffee filters work well for this.

Are Skittle Vodka Shots Vegan and Vegetarian friendly?

Skittles vodka shots are actually suitable for vegetarian or vegan guests, as they don’t contain gelatine. Skittles in the UK recently changed its recipe to make it vegan friendly, and you can see more about that here.

colourful vodka flavoured with skittles

Skittle Vodka Shots in Syringes

Next, once the liquor is sufficiently clear, decant into syringes. These are available in varying sizes in bulk from medical supply companies and amazon for a few pence each. Make sure you buy the version without needles.

Skittles vodka shots in syringes

Then place in the freezer until you need them. They should keep for a few months if you can wait that long.

syringe filled skittles vodka shots

Reuse the syringes, by washing in a hot dishwasher cycle. Ours were perfect for a friends vegas themed wedding party. Fill them with any shots you fancy, bought or made. Barley sugar vodka, werthers original and lemon drop have been very popular versions that we’ve made in the past.

We used these as additional cocktails at our Speakeasy Party last year.

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