Beautiful place cards

Beautiful Place Cards with Leaves and Washi tape

Name place cards

The font I used for these beautiful place cards is called Modesty. It does most of the heavy lifting in this craft, and is one of my favourite script fonts. I’m always looking for places to use it.

I turned 50 recently, and one of my friends threw a lovely lunch for me. These beautiful place cards to complement her wonderful table setting. My amazing friend insisted on making all the food, and decorating the table for the party. Place cards were the only thing she would let me contribute.

We had a wonderful lunch. It’s always a real treat to be spoiled by and with great friends.

Materials needed for Beautiful Place Cards

  • Printable card stock (and printer)
  • Small sprigs of leaves
  • Washi Tape


To make these beautiful place cards, I used Adobe Indesign. You can use powerpoint or whatever design application you have access to. Make a rough template (or box) of about 10cm square.

Next type out guests names in the boxes using the modesty font, or any pretty script font. Type names in the top third of the card to allow space for the foliage and tape. Print out the pages as necessary on card stock, and cut to size.

Cut small clippings of foliage to add to the foot of the cards, taping them in place with contrasting strips of washi tape. Almost any washi tape looks great. However the black and white types work especially well with the eucalyptus.

Name place cards

Substitute the eucalytus with any foliage that you have access to. Small leaves work best, and greenery that can survive being out of water for a few hours is also a good idea. This keeps the table pretty for as long as possible. I have made versions of these with little sprigs of flowers too.

table settings
eucalyptus place cards
place cards with leaves
beautiful table settings

The modesty font is available for free at Dafont This is the source of most of my free fonts.

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