Thank you for stopping by PaintSewGlueChew.com, my little corner of the internet. Grab a coffee (or something stronger....I promise not to judge) and have a meander.
I'm Diana; a compulsive maker and blogger living in London. I blog about easy crafts, recipes, design and anything that interests me, hopefully you'll find something to interest you too.

Married to the long suffering and very patient Mr PSGC. We met at University and have been together for 30+ years. That's a lot of crafting and DIY he's had to put up with.

Unsurprisingly he and the rest of the family are slightly more enthusiastic about the food and recipe (chew) aspect of my blogging. I have 2 (sometimes) completely awesome children (now adults) who pop up a lot in the blog.

What do we do?

Handmade is my passion, and I always have numerous sewing, crafting or arty projects on the go. I started this blog back in 2013 to document the eclectic mix of things I make with and for my children. Initially they were a little reluctant to appear "on screen" but tears (from me), tantrums (also from me) and lots of bribery soon changed that.
The name PaintSewGlueChew embraces the range of projects we cover on the blog: Painting, sewing, sticking and of course eating.
PaintSewGlueChew aims to inspire its readers with crafts that don't require huge amounts of skill and experience but can provide huge satisfaction. Each post provides a step by step tutorial with photos and easy to follow instructions. The emphasis on everything we make on the blog is EASY. Crafts are often from recycled materials or using odds and sods you can find around the house; Recipes are crowd pleasers or make ahead for easy entertaining
Hopefully not to take myself too seriously, comes across in my blog. I have no major crafting or artistic skills - Just truckloads of enthusiasm.
I blog about all the things I like making. They can be fairly random, and most require fairly low skill levels. You can copy slavishly, or maybe they will inspire you to make something else. I'd love to hear about anything you've made as a result of this blog. I show you the fails as well as the success stories. Hopefully you can have the occasional chuckle while reading along.

Whats next for Paint Sew Glue Chew?

As my children have got older, they are understandably not interested in making things with me. But I will continue to blog about the things I make (roping them in whenever I can).
As well as that, I have developed the graphic design, web design and art aspect of my blogging. So if you see something you like, and don’t want me make one yourself, why not reach out to me. Maybe I can make a version for you.

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