Popcorn – 4 Awesome Recipes

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popcorn recipes

Popcorn –  4 Awesome Recipes Autumn is well and truly here.   A great excuse to hibernate with some family movies on cold winter weekends.  We usually have a large bowl of popcorn on the go, so though we would try out a few alternatives to our usual half salty half sweet mix. The recipe to make basic popcorn is … Read More

DianaPopcorn – 4 Awesome Recipes

Smores Cake

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Smores marshmallow cake

Smores Cake This smokes cake is my kids new favourite pudding.  Although its not quick – It is so easy to make, and looks really impressive.  You could easily outsource the marshmallow placement to some willing helpers….but in that case buy twice as many marshmallows! Ingredients 170g Mini marshmallows (ideally all white) – add more to allow for theft! Iced … Read More

DianaSmores Cake

Bacon Letters. Say It With Bacon

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Bacon Letters

Bacon Letters.  Say It With Bacon In our house, there aren’t many things that can’t be solved with a bit of crispy bacon.  (Except perhaps heart disease!).  My oldest son turned 12 today.  Crikey where did the time go?  It seems like only yesterday he was a cute toddler making mud pies (and doing what he was told).  Now all … Read More

DianaBacon Letters. Say It With Bacon

Personalised Steak Sandwich

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Steak Sandwich

Personalised Steak Sandwich A favourite Friday night dinner for my son is a steak sandwich with caramelised onions. But I like to pimp it up a little with a message written in the sandwich.  Waitrose and Tesco both do thin sirloin steaks for around £1 each, which makes this a fast easy, and relatively cheap way to treat him on a … Read More

DianaPersonalised Steak Sandwich

Mexican Bloody Mary Sangrita de Toro

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Sangrita de Toro

Mexican Bloody Mary Sangrita de Toro I saw this recipe for Sangrita de Toro which comes from Silvana Salcido Esparza, the chef and owner of the Barrio Cafe in Tuscon.   Genius!  This has nothing to do with Sangria as the name may suggest, but is a Mexican version of a bloody mary. So its a Tequila Bloody Mary. Bloody genius. … Read More

DianaMexican Bloody Mary Sangrita de Toro