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PaintSewGlueChew.com is a UK based lifestyle blog.  Started back in 2012 as a way to document the crafty things I make with and for my children, it covers as the name would suggest all manner of Painting, Sewing, Glueing and lots and lots of eating!  However, here in PaintSewGlueChew towers we refuse to be pigeon holed. Random musings and the odd holiday review pop up now and again.

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Since those early days in 2012, what we make on the blog has evolved.

Little children are quite keen to stick and glue and sew.  Teenage monsters are slightly less enthusiastic.  I still continue to blog every month, and even occasionally persuade one of my children to participate.  Consequently my time is increasingly spent on designs and work outside the blog.  The services that I now provide include:


Graphic Design Services:

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Web Design Services:

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Artwork Commissions

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