Gorilla Circus Trapeze School

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Gorilla Circus Flying Trapeze School

Gorilla Circus Trapeze School; She flies through the air…. Who would have guessed that there’s a trapeze and circus school in London !!  Gorilla Circus Trapeze School operates out of Regents Park from May to September, and indoors during the winter months. As soon as Abbi found this out, resistance was futile.  Following a recent trip to Giffords Circus, she became obsessed … Read More

DianaGorilla Circus Trapeze School

Giffords Circus


Giffords Circus

Giffords Circus This summer, we FINALLY made it to Giffords Circus. Giffords is a travelling circus, that tours the Cotswolds for the summer months, and is a bit of a local institution.  I have intended to go for the last 4 years, but its either been in the wrong location for us, or something has come up.  Not this year ! … Read More

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