Campbells Soup Cocktail Printable Label

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Campbells soup cocktail printable label

A Campbells Soup Cocktail makes a great conversation starter at a drinks party or gathering. These were made for our recent Speakeasy Party, and were a great hit. Use the free download at the end of the post for your own Campbells soup cocktails. The Soup Can Andy Warhol – Pop Art The Campbells soup can was immortalised in the … Read More

DianaCampbells Soup Cocktail Printable Label

Apple and Pear Cocktail – Apeartini


Apple and Pear Cocktail – Apeartini Anyone who knows me, will be well aware that I like to bust out the cocktails whenever I get an excuse.  (And who really needs an excuse?). Being Scottish, my fruit intake is not off the richter scale.  By adding apples and pears to vodka, I’m classifying this as a health drink. Apeartini, Pearppletini – … Read More

DianaApple and Pear Cocktail – Apeartini