Thick Shakes – Easy No Ice Cream Recipe

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Easy no ice cream thick shakes

Thick Shakes These thick shakes are far healthier and more refreshing than a shake that’s been plumped up with multiple scoops of ice cream. My kids go mad for milkshakes over the summer months, and if left unchecked, could easily get through gallons of ice cream. They also burn through their allowance on overpriced frappuccino drinks from the local coffee … Read More

DianaThick Shakes – Easy No Ice Cream Recipe

Apple and Pear Cocktail – Apeartini


Apple and Pear Cocktail – Apeartini Anyone who knows me, will be well aware that I like to bust out the cocktails whenever I get an excuse.  (And who really needs an excuse?). Being Scottish, my fruit intake is not off the richter scale.  By adding apples and pears to vodka, I’m classifying this as a health drink. Apeartini, Pearppletini – … Read More

DianaApple and Pear Cocktail – Apeartini