Gift Wrap Ideas (10): Embellishments

Best Gift Wrap Embellishments

Gift Wrap Ideas (10): Embellishments Today is the tenth day of my 12 days of Christmas Gift Wrap ideas: Creative and DIY Embellishments.  The embellishment is the bit on the gift that turns a simple package wrapped in paper into an item of beauty.  This is a chance to let your imagination run wild, and add pretty much anything you want. Here …

DianaGift Wrap Ideas (10): Embellishments

Gift Wrap Ideas (9): Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers gift wrap

Gift Wrap Ideas (9): Plants and Flowers Today is the ninth day of my 12 days of Christmas Gift Wrap ideas: Plants and Flowers.  It feels very  decadent using real plants and flowers as gift wrap, because once cut, they have to be gifted almost immediately before they wilt.  But by using simple clippings from your garden (or herb pots) …

DianaGift Wrap Ideas (9): Plants and Flowers

Gift Wrap Ideas (8): Neutrals

Beautiful gift wrap ideas

Gift Wrap Ideas (8): Neutrals Today is the eighth day in my Gift Wrap series: Neutrals My eyes are still smarting from yesterdays awesome bright selection, so today, we’ve calmed it down with a selection of neutral gift wrap options.  Classy, classic and elegant, these can be simple or extravagant. 1. NATURAL EMBELISHMENTS Agent Bauer have pulled out all the stops …

DianaGift Wrap Ideas (8): Neutrals